About Us


Allen Elishewitz

I have spent a good part of my childhood living in third world countries around Southeast Asia. During that time I came to appreciate the way people there lived with minimal infrastructure. This helped shape some of my personality and how I approach life and training. I have always trained in some type of combative arts since I was 10 years old. Over several decades I have had the pleasure of studying and training with some of the best instructors in their fields. This interest is what guided me into my current occupation. I am a professional knifemaker who specializes in tactical and defensive blades. I am one of the first knifemakers to start the tactical folder movement. I operate Elishewitz Custom Knives and Tactician Concepts with my wife Valerie. Below you'll find a list of my accomplishments in the different fields that I have participated in. This will give you a better understanding of my background, what I have achieved and done. 

Martial arts

  • Started martial arts in 1978 (to present) with Okinawan Te Karate Do (Black Belt)
  • Trained in Taiwan in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (Green belt 7th level)
  • Trained and lived in Thailand: Muay Thai, Krabi Krabong, Muay Boran (Sapata Karu - 3rd grade instructor)
  • Trained in Athens, Greece in Pankration
  • Pekiti Tirsia (Guro Isa)
  • Martial Blade Concept
  • Western Boxing/Dirty Boxing
  • Silat
  • Free style and Greco Roman Wrestling
  • BJJ
  • SWT Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee


  • Former Marine
  • Primary MOS 0861 Forward Observer Artillery Naval Call for Fire Scout
  • SOTG (Special Operations Training Group)
  • Amphib Assault
  • Jungle Warfare
  • Second MOS 0321 Basic Recon (BRC Basic Recon Course)
  • Recon Team Leader
  • Advanced Water Survival Level


  • Been training in firearms for 35 years. Spent 15 of these focusing on precision long range shooting and the rest in carbine and pistol shooting
  • Attended over 1000 hours of official courses from some of the top instructors ( Travis Hayley, Aaron Cowan, Pat Mac, John Farnam, Gabe White, Kyle Lamb, William Petty, Sonny Puzikas...)
  • Guest instructor at Gunsite Training Center 1994
  • Certified Farnam Instructor
  • Certified NRA RSO
  • Taught Modern Combatives at Warrior's Edge (New Braunfels, TX)
  • Glock gunsmith - Slide machining - Custom comps - Grip reduction and texturing


  • Started knifemaking in 1988
  • One of the principal makers to start the tactical knife trend
  • Collaborated with 10 factories to produce over 50 different knife models
  • Elected Director of the Knifemakers' Guild
  • Contributing author in several books and publications
  • Gave speeches in several countries regarding knives
  • Industry leader, innovator and trendsetter
  • Inventor of several patented locking mechanisms
  • Received numerous prestigious cutlery awards over the years